Advantages of a Small Penetration Testing Firm

We often get asked, “Why should we go with your firm, you seem smaller than your competitors?” We take pride in being a small penetration testing firm, and it comes with many advantages that can ultimately help our clients.


Cost savings – As a small business, we’re able to keep overhead expenses down and ultimately pass those savings on to our end clients. We do not have dedicated HR staff, large finance teams, or other extraneous support personnel that can lead to bloated prices from larger corporate competitors. Being a privately-held company, we also do not answer to shareholders that only care about the bottom line.

Laser-Focused – Our engineers are able to completely concentrate on penetration testing and information security, striving to maintain a “best-in-class” level of knowledge. Many larger organizations operate with too much red tape, too many mind-numbing meetings, or push too many different areas of responsibility onto employees. At Triaxiom, our engineers are able to remain dedicated to their craft and to our clients which helps us form long lasting partnerships and continually improve.

Personal Touch – We will always provide our personal cell phone numbers and make ourselves available for questions before, during, and after assessments. Most of our clients take advantage of this and we love it! Where it’s a question about a past finding, looking for advice on an unrelated aspect of their information security program, or just interested in discussing the latest infosec news and how it affects them, we’re always happy to pick up the phone and chat. Building lasting relationships and helping make more secure organizations are far more important to us than charging for this time and squeaking out every last cent.

Expert Engineers – We do not believe in the “bait and switch” tactics that exist for some in the information security industry (i.e. sell you with a top notch engineer, only to find out a junior engineer is doing the assessment). All of our engineers have 7+ years of experience, hold the top industry certifications, and are involved from the very beginning of the process to ensure they understand exactly what you are looking for.


Scheduling – As a smaller firm, we have fewer engineers. This, as you might expect, can lead to longer scheduling times during certain times of the year. However, we strive to remain as flexible as possible to ensure that we can meet your deadlines. We will do everything we can to achieve an agreeable schedule, short of reducing testing time or removing parts of our  quality assurance process, as it’s much more important that you get a proper assessment.

As you can see, we truly believe the advantages of being a small penetration testing firm far outweigh the drawbacks. We owe it to our current and future clients to remain a small firm focused on real security and partnerships. We hope that you can appreciate this and we’d love to continue to the dialogue on how we can assist your firm today!