What Do We Mean When We Say “Partnering With You”?

The phrase “partnering with you” is such a simple phrase, but it can have many different meanings. We do not view a partnership as providing someone with an 800 number or a line that goes to a corporate tree. We do not believe a partnership has an expiration date that corresponds with the last day of the project (or conveniently right after the last payment is received).

We are truly here to partner with our clients. We provide our personal information, make ourselves available most hours of the day, never put an expiration on our partnerships, and truly look to help in any way possible. In our mind, a TRUE partnership means that we can be relied on before, during, and after a project whether it be for a simple question, a follow on assessment, or speaking through recent regulations and the impacts to your firm. This is part of our culture and something our founders have focused on since day 1.

Partnering Sounds Great, But I’m Still Skeptical

Just this week, we had a client come back after we finished their project over 3 months ago with a few questions with regards to their information security for an upcoming project. We were able to assist quickly some helpful links and talked through our thoughts on the matter, offering our perspective on how they should proceed. We would never charge for these type questions and in fact, we welcome them! We have heard stories of other vendors charging “time and materials” or “T&M” to make themselves available for questions/answers. While we value our time, we value our partnerships even more and would not blink an eye before helping in any way we can.

We’re proud to say that another client refers to us as an “extension of their security team.” While they have a dedicated security team in place, they know they can rely on us to assist with anything that pops up. When we say we are “partnering with you”, we take it very seriously and you can trust that that is exactly what you will get. Contact us if you’d like to start a partnership today.