What is a “Security Pure Play”?

One of our key differentiators as an organization is that we’re a “Security Pure Play.” This simply means that we do not enter into exclusive partnerships with other software/hardware vendors to recommend their solution, and our core focus is only on information security services. We strive to elevate your security without forcing particular software/hardware on our customers through our recommendations. While we value partnering with a variety of industry leaders, we do not enter into any exclusive partnerships that require us to recommend a specific product or service.

What Does This Mean For Our Clients?

We can point out horror stories we’ve encountered, detailing small firms that have been sold some “top of the line” software that was not well-suited for a company of their size. Products can be a good or bad fit for a variety of reasons. Maybe your security team does not have enough time to give a particular security product the care and feeding it requires to be useful. Maybe the price tag doesn’t make the risk reduction worthwhile, leading to bad ROI for your organization as a whole. Whatever the case, as a security pure play, we provide recommendations based on the size of your firm and the maturation of your security program. Our only concern is what will work best for your business and your team, based on our findings from an assessment. We do not receive any kickbacks for these recommendations, which allows us to make unbiased recommendations that are always in our clients best interests.

With our sole focus being on information security, this also means that you are getting a specialist when it comes to information security, as opposed to a generalist. As we don’t have any additional lines of business related to managed services or other IT functions, all of our engineers are hired and trained based on security services, including penetration testing, compliance auditing, and strategic consulting. This way, you don’t get an engineer that only performs one or two penetration tests a year doing an assessment for you. In such a rapidly evolving industry, our engineers retain a core focus on penetration testing and current adversary tactics so you’re getting a realistic view of your risk, not just a vulnerability scan.

At the end of the day, as a security stakeholder for your business, you will have to justify why you want to make purchases or changes in security. With our assessments, we aim to provide objective justifications for the mitigating controls that are best suited for your firm, so everyone understands the costs and benefits when it comes time to request the appropriate funding.