Core Values: Taking Care of our Team

This blog will be the final edition of our core values series. If you missed our first one, it touched on partnering with our clients. We started this business to help our clients improve their security posture and it is really important to us that they view us as part of their security team. Our second core value we discussed has to do with striving to be the best. We don’t want to be a large company, preferring to stay small but be experts in our niche and control quality. We hire and train to make sure we are the best in our field and that translates to high value tests for awesome clients. In this blog, we are going to talk about our value of taking care of our team. While this core value is more internally facing, it is important for us to touch on it because it impacts all of our other core values. We’ll discuss what this means to us and uncover some of the key actions we tie to this core value.

Taking Care of Our Team

At first glance, us taking care of our employees may not seem like it translates to you, so why should you read a blog about it? Well first and foremost, it is something we pride ourselves on. But also, we feel it does ultimately translate to the services you receive. As we discussed in our blog on striving to be the best, we are very selective in our hiring process and therefore it takes us a long time to find the right hire many times. Because of that, when we do find the right hire, it is vital that we keep them for as long as we can. To do that, we need to ensure they are not only happy, but being adequately challenged and constantly growing as individuals. Additionally, when we have happy employees they are more willing to give their best every day, making them more likely to enforce our other two core values.

Actions That Demonstrate This Core Value

  • Flexibility – First and foremost, we are extremely flexible with our team. We understand that there are going to be tests that require long hours, after-hours work, and travel sometimes. We also understand that our team members have families and personal lives and hobbies that are important to them and make them who they are. Because of this, we always allow our employees to go to their kid’s doctor appointments, to work from home when they need to wait for the repair man to show up, to cut out early if they are done with their work for the day, etc.. As long as they are meeting their deadlines, we are going to give them the flexibility they need to prioritize their family and maintain a healthy work/life balance.
  • Transparency – We also think it is important to be transparent with our employees. We are a small team, and everyone needs to feel like they have a voice and are included in decisions. We encourage our employees to give us feedback and we always do our best to incorporate that feedback. We also feel it is important to give our employees feedback and and insight into why any decision is made. We value our employees, so not leaving them in the dark is one of the ways we can show that.
  • Compensation – At Triaxiom, our most expensive asset is our employees. But that is how it should be! We know that our engineers are the best in the business, and if they wanted to, they could find another job tomorrow. Because of that, we need to make sure we are paying them like they are the best at what they do. To do this, we try to cut costs in other ways to maintain competitive pricing, but one thing we won’t sacrifice is taking care of our employees.

What This Means to You

While this may seem like it only affects our employees, we feel it reinforces our other core values. Simply put, we hope our team is happy working for us and that will naturally translate to them thriving at their position, providing you with a better test. If you want to see it in action, reach out to us and let’s get started. If you are on the job market and reading this, awesome, we want to hear from you too.