BSides Charlotte is this Weekend!

This Saturday, September 26th, 2020 will be the first virtual (and completely free to attendees) BSides Charlotte event. Since it’s virtual, anyone can attend if you just go and register for the event. It’ll feature 2 free workshops (which are probably already sold out) and a secure coding competition put on by Secure Code Warrior. While not a traditional CTF, this is a really cool event in that it can help red teamers understand how easy it is for vulnerabilities to be introduced into code and a better idea on the specific ways these issues need to be fixed. On the flip side, developers can learn key concepts related to secure coding that help protect from some impactful exploits during the application development process.

BSides itself is a community-driven movement centered around bringing information security conferences to an amazing variety of places around the world, with hundreds of events happening every year. BSides Charlotte is the local iteration for us, representing a gathering centered around InfoSec organizations and professionals in the Charlotte, NC region, so it’s really important for us to continue sponsoring and participating.

To that end, our own Matt Miller will be giving a talk at the conference, discussing his adventures performing a penetration test for a healthcare system during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. He’ll discuss the challenges that surrounded this test as well as some key takeaways for improving security that were identified in the process. It should be really interesting to get a live look into a penetration test, what we encounter during testing, our mindset as conduct an assessment, and a leg-up on fixing some really prevalent security weaknesses.

We hope to see everyone there but we plan on posting a link to the talk afterwards! If your curious about penetration testing or whether your organization could benefit from a security assessment, feel free to reach out!