Partnering with you to fortify your Information Security posture

As a team of industry leading security experts, Triaxiom Security offers penetration testing, security audits, and strategic consulting customized to meet your needs. We are focused on building lasting partnerships centered around high value assessments that produce actionable results to improve your security posture and protect your most sensitive assets.

Penetration Testing

Our trusted and highly-skilled engineers will assess your resilience to the real-world attacks that organizations are facing today.


Compliance Auditing

Our team has performed countless audits and can provide the expertise you need to meet your regulatory requirements while optimizing your time and resources.


Strategic Consulting

Our consultants have extensive practical experience across a wide variety of information security disciplines, and are here to help you with any problems your organization is facing.

Trusted by organizations across all verticals

As a trusted security partner for organizations ranging from small start-ups to the Fortune 500, we pride ourselves on providing what you need to make data-driven decisions to optimize your resources and navigate the current cybersecurity landscape. With clients in every major vertical, we understand the unique challenges you face and how to tailor our assessments to meet your needs.

Triaxiom Security are experts at their craft. We have partnered with them on a multi-year engagement to identify our security weaknesses throughout our environment. Additionally, we are engaged with them to help us maintain PCI compliance on an annual basis. Their engineers have been extremely responsive and helpful every time we reach out, even if it is not part of an ongoing assessment. They truly are a part of our security team!

Chief Information Security Officer
Fortune 300 Retailer
Charlotte NC


We are extremely happy with the depth and breadth of the test Triaxiom performed, their attention to detail, and the great write-up of vulnerabilities that were discovered. They found vulnerabilities that were overlooked by other companies we used in the past. In today’s challenging and evolving security environment, getting a clean bill of health is great, but being able to keep up with best practices and quickly remediate vulnerabilities is absolutely critical. I’m very happy that we have an even more secure system and that we signed a three year commitment with Triaxiom Security.

SaaS Provider
Dallas TX


We hired Triaxiom Security to help us meet our contractual obligations with the new DFARS clause. Our engineer had an extensive background in the government and in information security and was able to help us understand and apply the NIST 800-171 Requirements. Triaxiom Security was able to boost our compliance by 40% immediately and provided us with a roadmap to continue increasing our level of compliance.

Government Contractor
Washington D.C.

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